Destroyer and The Lover

Destroyer was a full-frontal attack on the gay establishment, delivered in 10 lavishly laid out issues between 2006 and 2010.

Loved and hated, the magazine forced LGBT activists to face their history and reconsider core concepts such as pride and shame.

Destroyer has repeatedly been analyzed and used as example in academic works.

“The tension along the culturally determined barrier between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sexual expressions is demonstrated in the scandal of Destroyer magazine and the outrage it sparked within gay rights debates.”

T. Warburton, doctoral thesis

The reactions to Destroyer were collected in the book Gay Man’s Worst Friend - the Story of Destroyer Magazine, which was favorably reviewed in LGBT press worldwide, from Out in the US to Gay Times in the UK, and sparked additional debate.

Destroyer is sold out.

The Lover was released by the same publisher as a sequel to Destroyer. The journal of sexual politics, history and culture included interviews with victims of abuse and documented several breaches of human rights.

The Lover is sold out but available at the German National Library.

Both publications have been included in the collection of Schwules Museum in Berlin.

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