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Two more shota comics

The latest two Best Life Shota releases by Tsukumo Gou are out now, raw and uncensored as always, for direct download:

Best Life Shota 1.09

Best Life Shota 1.09

  • 50 pages
  • 25.6 MB PDF file
  • Raw (in Japanese)
  • Uncensored
  • Price: 9.90 € (~11 USD)

Order BLS 1.09 here!

Best Life Shota 1.10

Best Life Shota 1.10

  • 19 pages
  • 9.8 MB PDF file
  • Raw (in Japanese)
  • Uncensored
  • Price: 4.90 € (~5.50 USD)

Order BLS 1.10 here!

The covers don’t really reveal what’s inside, so be sure to check the previews on the product pages for an idea of what you will get.


Best Life Shota 1.07

Best Life Shota 1.07

Best Life Shota 1.07 is out. Kusabi by Tsukumo Gou is a long story that takes place in the school library. A boy has chained up his classmate and takes advantage of him. His victim can’t help but enjoy the rough treatment!

[box type=”alert” border=”full”]Warning! This shota is violent and contains domination plays.[/box]

  • In Japanese
  • Uncensored
  • Download only (PDF file 21.9 MB)
  • 43 pages (36 full comic pages)
  • 9.90 euro (~11.07 USD) – half price for members

The download becomes available immediately upon payment with credit card.

Purchase or preview BLS 1.07!


This is how it begins. Well drawn and violent. More previews on the product page.

Best Life Shota 1.07

See all Best Life Shota albums here.

A short break

Best Life Shota 1.06

No shota today, despite it’s Friday, but next week we will be back to normal again, with a new release of Best Life Shota!

I hope you haven’t missed the full color shota download that was released last week: Best Life Shota 1.06.

In other news, the first issue of my new magazine should be ready to be printed within a couple of weeks, and is scheduled for a release in October! I’ll let you know more details as soon as I have them.

Three more shota downloads!

Smile, it's Best Life Shota!

Dear readers, I’m so lazy! All summer long I’m releasing a new shota comic by Tsukumo Gou every Friday, but I have totally forgotten to post about it here! So many social media to take care of, the Cmykrush tumblr and twitter get the post automatically. And then it’s summer, and I’m out biking when not working on the new magazine, which is now scheduled already for October 2015.

Anyways, here’s what you’ve been missing (or not):

Best Life Shota 1.03: JukeBOX vol 17. A shorter compilation of full color shota illustrations, yours for only 3.90 euro!

Best Life Shota 1.04: No Sex No Teens! A very hot story of a boy who gets a visit from his older neighbor.

Best Life Shota 1.05: Endless Enders. A very action-packed shota where two boys and a teenager do things that feel good with each other. Wanna join? 🙂 Released today!

Don’t forget that you get half price on all releases if you join Der Kreis! More info here.

Have a good weekend!

Otsukaresama desu!

Best Life Shota 1.02

Best Life Shota 1.02: It’s pure, it’s love, it’s immoral!

Hey shota fans, here’s another 40 pages of raw and uncensored Japanese shotacon for you!

Issue 1.02 of Best Life Shota gives you Tsukumo Gou’s work Junnai Immoral:

The story starts with a young man browsing dvd covers in an adult shop. Of course he gets excited, and when coming out on the street again, he meets a young boy. Now what if we could do what they did on those covers … he starts thinking. And then they get started!

Best Life Shota is in Japanese – this is no translation! But the storyline is easy to follow nevertheless, and Tsukumo Gou’s excellent drawings can be enjoyed fully uncensored for the first time!

Only available as a download. You get access to the download immediately upon payment with credit card.

Hesitant to pay for digital content? Why! Support us instead, it’s only Tsukumo and me who are in this together, two independent artists. We share all sales fifty-fifty. Your support makes it possible for us to continue this summer spree of raw, hot, uncensored shota!

And this is how it begins:

Best Life Shota 1.02 preview page 10

Followed by plenty of uncensored pages, and then:

Best Life Shota 1.02 preview
“It was alright to suck his dick, but coming in my mouth like that… not really… ok…” “S-sorry!!” (Translation provided for this blog post only, Best Life Shota is not translated.)

Best Life Shota 1.02 is thicker than the first issue and costs the regular 9.90 euro (~10.83 USD).

Enjoy Best Life Shota and all other Entartetes Leben publications for half the price by becoming a member of Der Kreis! The next issue of Best Life Shota will be out already on Friday!

Buy or preview Best Life Shota 1.02!

Introducing Best Life Shota!

Best Life Shota 1.01 Tsukumo Gou

Dear friends – it’s summer and it’s getting hotter. What could be more fitting than a trickling stream of raw, uncensored shota to satisfy your curiosity throughout the summer?

That’s what we’ve planned for you, me and the Japanese authors that I work with:

Each Friday we will release a new issue of Best Life Shota!

What is Best Life Shota?

Best Life Shota publishes remastered versions of previously released shotacon doujinshi.

Or in plain English: Boy sex comics.

The albums have only been released in Japan before, and as always in Japan, the genitals are censored. Our remastered versions have been made from the authors’ original files, before the censor layer was added. The result is raw, uncensored shotacon, just as the authors intended!

Best Life Shota is in Japanese. There is no English translation. Even so, you will be able to appreciate the story without knowing Japanese. Not understanding the dialogue may even add an interactive layer to it; your fantasy will be co-creator of the script! And as always with shota, the drawings are 90 percent of the appreciation.

Best Life Shota is download only. You get immediate access to the PDF file when paying with credit card. The file is a high quality export in 300 dpi and in the traditional doujinshi format B5 (176 x 250 mm).

Presenting the first issue

Best Life Shota will be published in volumes and issues. Each volume represents one manga artist, and each issue of that volume represents one of his or her works.

Volume 1 contains Tsukumo Gou, one of the most popular and successful shota artists, who in fact makes a living from drawing shota.

Issue 1 contains his work Utakata, a short sexual man/boy drama which takes place in the bathroom. And here it is:

Best Life Shota 1.01 Tsukumo Gou

Enjoy the first volume and the first issue – Best Life Shota 1.01 is available as of now! Next Friday, the second issue will be released.

As for royalty, we split all sales fifty-fifty between me (Karl) and the manga artists.

Want to get it for half the price? Members of Der Kreis now get half price on all Entartetes Leben publications, new and old – including Best Life Shota. Buy a membership here and take immediate advantage of your 50 percent coupon code!

Yo, is it legal?

Shota is an ancient cultural expression, seen already in Japanese shunga prints from the 18th century. Today, legislations may vary across the globe – check yours before ordering. We publish in Sweden, where strong laws protect freedom of expression, as long as the drawings are not realistic. Shota is a celebration of fantasy and its immense capabilities. It has nothing to do with reality.

Let’s buy shota!