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My Boy Story 02

My Boy Story 02 – print or PDF

Young. Raw. Fiction.

My Boy Story is a unique publication that forces the reader to take a stand: Shall we have freedom of expression – or not?

Now available in print or as a PDF download.

Enjoy! 😜

Cover art (and back cover!) by a Japanese shota artist:

My Boy Story 02

Exciting reader contributions:

My Boy Story 02

This is how beautifully My Boy Story 02 slides into the slim quality envelope and ships to you:

My Boy Story 02

My Boy Story 01 cover art

New magazine: My Boy Story!

I’m very happy to announce the first issue of the new magazine My Boy Story, which is a text only compilation of erotic short stories.

The premiere issue of My Boy Story features an exclusive story by Jeremy Lexton, who wrote the Puberty Tales trilogy, and the continuation of Jo’s Boys from the Destroyer Fiction series.

  • My Boy Story is all text and all fiction – the stories are explicit fantasies which have no relation to reality at all.
  • My Boy Story is released on the symbolic date of 10 May, which was the day when the first Nazi book burning took place in 1933.
  • My Boy Story is a celebration of the free word and a protest against Nazism and other societies that ban fiction.

My Boy Story 01 is in stock and will ship to you immediately!

Let me hear you say yeah!