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I Love Mags!

I Love Mags 10 years!

Today it is exactly 10 years since ilovemags.com saw the light of day. I Love Mags was all about passion for magazines, new and old. The shop was abandoned in 2014, and since 2015 Cmykrush is the place to buy Destroyer and other unique titles. But I Love Mags is such a great name for a shop that it might just reappear, some day.

For a nostalgic image gallery, check the post for the five year anniversary:

I Love Mags celebrates five years!

No more downloads in the EU

Update September 2016: Downloads are now open for all customers again!

New rules for digital goods at Cmykrush, because it’s not worth it to pay VAT in each and every EU country:

Considering the type of business we run, with many products being downloads that cost under 10 euro, and with quite few orders at that, we decided to stop selling downloads to EU customers altogether.

Summary: You will not be able to check out with an EU address if you’re buying downloads. People with non-EU addresses are not affected (there is no VAT outside the EU).

Fresh off the press

Breaking Boy News: The Art Project

And it’s here: Breaking Boy News: The Art Project – complete with a Japanese obi in green neon color (Pantone 802). Very happy with how the cover came out, especially in combination with the obi and packed into a cellophane sleeve. Like a piece of candy, or an early Christmas gift!

I went to the printing plant yesterday to pick up the 500 copies I’ve printed. Today I shipped over a hundred of them to Amazon (without obi). Not sure how many I’ve actually sold; Amazon orders according to a popularity algorithm.

If you ordered on I Love Mags, your copy has also shipped now and should arrive next week.

Thanks everyone who bought the book!

Update 25 February 2015: You can now buy a BBN Bundle (newspaper + magazine + book) here – available both in print and as a download!