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Where’s your tama-boy-chi?

BBN Tamagotchi

Breaking Boy News proudly presents the Tama-boy-chi.

Tama-boy-chi is your very own pocket-sized digital boy!

Your task is to give the boy everything he needs to grow up healthy: Food, play, exercise and more. If you don’t take care of your boy the right way, he will protest – and ultimately leave you! Are you up for the challenge?

Breaking Boy News has developed the Tama-boy-chi together with Japanese designers Akihiro Yokoi and Aki Maita, who created the original Tamagotchi, first released by Bandai in 1996. In that game, the user had to keep a pet alive.

“A boy can be much more demanding than a pet”, says Yuuki Watanabe, editor at Breaking Boy News.

“I’m sure the Tama-boy-chi will get a devoted following around the world”, he adds.

There are only 100 Tama-boy-chi – order yours here before they sell out.


Note: This was a repost from the discontinued BBN blog, 1 april 2014.

And while we’re at it

Just one more shopping tip (not by me):

Young boys masturbation stopping device

Breaking Boy News features in art show

This image is not photoshopped.
This image is not photoshopped.

I’m happy to reveal that Breaking Boy News is on display in the new show at Eden Eden until January 2016. It’s not just any gallery – Complex gave it place 74 in its listing of the world’s 100 best art galleries. And the curator was one of four nominees for the Turner prize last year. I guess that’s what it takes to display my publications, which, as you might know, has been discussed before, but always with the organizers bailing out in the end.

Breaking Boy News on display in an art gallery

The exhibition opened yesterday and Breaking Boy News was at the center of it – displayed in a neat vitrine as you can see on the pictures, attracting lots of interest from the visitors.

Breaking Boy News on display in an art gallery

Breaking Boy News on display

Breaking Boy News on display

Found on Instagram:

Breaking Boy News on Instagram

I’m very happy that Breaking Boy News, of all my publications, has entered the world of high art, since I always thought that it belonged there. BBN is extremely conceptual and follows a strict set of rules, as explained in the book about the project. The fact that it gained a huge following of teenage boys (the website had 650,000 views per months shortly before I discontinued the project) was a fun side effect.

Exhibition credits and info

Buy the Breaking Boy News bundle for 25 euro (~28.40 USD) here – it contains all three items in the vitrine. And they might just have become much more valuable!

Breaking Boy News Magazine out now!

Breaking Boy News Magazine cover art

Let me introduce the sexiest release since the good old Destroyer days:

This is Breaking Boy News Magazine!

Yes, there was a BBN 01, the cool tabloid newspaper released in October 2011.

But this new release (BBN 02) is a magazine the same size as Destroyer.

28 pages in full color. Printed in 1,000 copies.

Update 25 February 2015: Now available as a bundle (newspaper + magazine + book) – in print or as a download!


Breaking Boy News Magazine

Breaking Boy News: 13-year-old boys raped young girls

Don’t miss the latest teenboy sex news story over at Breaking Boy News, about three 13-year-old footballers who molested some preteen girls at a summer camp in Sweden!

Unlike the Destroyer blog, Breaking Boy News is updated daily with fresh boy news from all over the world – always illustrated with a dazzling photo. Add it to your reader!

Breaking Boy News

Update March 2015: BBN is now finished, but you can enjoy the best stories by purchasing the BBN Bundle – available in print and as a download.

Breaking Boy News is live!

It isn’t only the Destroyer blog that got a well-needed face-lift last week. Since a few days, the Breaking Boy News blog is up and running – add it to your feeds for your daily dose of boy news!

Breaking Boy News is the only edited news aggregator that focuses on boy news only. Boys steal, rob, kill and rape, but they also help out, discover, explore, and learn. In short, the boy is the essence of mankind. Hail the Boy!

Note: Breaking Boy News only contains news where the boy is the active part, the one who does things. Breaking Boy News will never contain any news where the boy is the victim. Because that’s just wrong.

Last orders for this year – get Breaking Boy News for free until Monday!

The year is coming to an end, and we’ll leave our beloved offices for some winter holiday. Since there’s always only one person handling your order – that’s me, Karl – that means there will be a break in delivery of physical goods, such as Destroyer magazines and books:

  • Monday 5th of December is the last day to place your order if you want your goods delivered this year!
  • You can still order things after that date, but they will be delivered to you early January 2012.
  • Downloads are not affected – they are always available in your Ilovemags account immediately upon purchase.

So you have until Monday at midnight to buy yourself a Christmas present. And if you do, I’ll give you one as well:

  • All (physical) orders placed from now until (throughout) Monday 5th December 2011 will include a free copy of the world’s sexiest tabloid newspaper Breaking Boy News!

Some recent items in our shop:

Shallow Tourist by Moot: 20 euro

Destroyer Magazine: Issues 3-9: 10 euro. Issue 10: 12 euro. (Issue 1 and 2 still sold out!)

The Appendix: 15 euro. (Or 7,50 if ordered together with Gay Man’s Worst Friend – the Story of Destroyer Magazine)

Breaking Boy News: Included with your order for free until Monday 5th December 2011! (Otherwise 10 euro.)