Puberty Tales

Puberty TalesPuberty Tales by Jeremy Lexton was published in three parts between 2013 and 2014. It quickly reached hundreds of readers and became something of an underground classic.

Oozing with teenage drama, the stories follow the lives of three boys as they struggle through puberty:

  • Jared, the shy son of a librarian
  • Tony, the sinewy son of a plumber
  • Kafka, the stubborn son of a Muslim-Jewish couple

Text only, the fiction series pushed the borders of fantasy. Jeremy Lexton has explained that he deliberately wanted to create “shota in text form”, and that Puberty Tales therefore was “a celebration of freedom of expression”.

The trilogy was published in one volume in February 2015 (ISBN 978-91-87773-04-4).


“What the fuck”, Tony screamed in his broken voice, spaghetti dangling from his head, chili sauce dripping down his cheeks, making dark red stains on his light blue Umbro t-shirt.

Everyone stared in silence as Caf advanced towards the tray counter. It was he who had emptied his plate’s content on Tony’s head. Was he a complete idiot? Didn’t he know what this meant? They would probably kill him!

Who was he?

And why had he poured his chili on Tony? Was it to avenge me? In that case, stay away, I can manage by myself, I wanted to say. Silly Caf boy.

I left the canteen quickly to be as far away as possible from this disaster. But just a few seconds later Caf walked up to me.

“They’ll be after you”, I said without greeting him.

They will be after me too, I added to myself as we strolled quickly down the gravel yard to the main building.

“Don’t worry about it”, Caf said.

“What do you mean ‘don’t worry about it’? They’re gonna have you, man! Do you know who Tony is?”

“I said don’t worry about it. There’s a reason I could do this. I’m actually…”

He stopped as we heard the sound of sneakers hitting the gravel outside the canteen. They were after us.

Destroyer Fiction

The forerunner to Puberty Tales was the Destroyer Fiction series. The first and second part of “Jo’s Boys” by G. Cutter were published as “literary supplements” in Destroyer 02 and Destroyer 04, whereas the third part was published on its own.

Destroyer Fiction 03