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Shirtless boy teenager football

David 2017

The likeness of Donatello’s David is striking, the football being the head of Goliath. The instinctive contrapposto of boys, one hand casually touching the waist, the other ready to grab the sword, is timeless.

Boy Card 02

Boy Card 02

Added to the shop in this set: Golden Boys 01 Nicola shot the photo in Italy in 1977. 40 years later, the boy is given the recognition he demanded and deserved at the moment...

Boy with Knapsack 2

A boy arriving in Schönefeld, Berlin. Photo: DPA. Cropped. See also this post from 2009.

Sonek, 11

Watch his skills (when he was even younger):  

Barry Cotter, 16

Barry Cotter, 16, has joined the Irish soccer club Limerick FC’s sub-17 team. “The boys are very welcoming”, Barry commented.

Totonel, 10

Alexander Nanau’s documentary Toto and his sisters (2014) is so touching that you can’t stop watching it. I think this screenshot, with young Totonel on the sofa next to someone shooting up, gives you...