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Shop updates

We have updated to the latest version of the shop system. Most things seem to be functioning smoothly, with some exceptions:

  • Download links were not functioning properly when a product had multiple downloads – this was a bug, it is fixed now!
  • Order emails may not be functioning properly. I still have to research this, but it should not affect your order, as you always come to a web page with your downloads or order confirmation after payment. Feel free to keep me updated about whether the order process, including emails, works properly for you!

That’s it, on the technical side of things. On the fun side… wait for my next post. 🙂

Destroyer masthead retina

This is for the retina lover in you

Ever since I upgraded to a computer with a retina screen, the Destroyer logotype looked blurry in the masthead. Not any more! The logotype is now a much bigger image, which will stay sharp, no matter the resolution of your device. The beauty!

I know more than 99 percent of you probably don’t give a damn about these things. But they’re important to me. It’s the little things that matter!

Destroyer logotype website masthead

The logo is back!

Did you notice that the Destroyer logotype disappeared from the masthead of this website in the last few days?

I hadn’t done any updates, so I was perplexed as to how this had happened.

Today I looked into it, and it turned out that the logo was still hosted on a sandbox website where I had played around with the theme, but which I deleted last week. And with that, the linked logotype naturally disappeared.

I hope you enjoy seeing it again!

I am a material girl

It was time to change the plumage of this website a bit. The new style is lighter and inspired by so called material design.

I’ve also consolidated all my publications to converge at this classic website, the original from 2006, instead of registering new domains for each and every project of mine. So you might find something you didn’t know about in the navigation bar (which will probably be restructured as I add more items).

There will be other news soon.

PS: Did you know that Kagee, the payment provider that ousted Destroyer for moral reasons back in 2007 or so, filed for bankruptcy last month? Oops.