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Day Against DRM Sale!

June 9, 2017 is International Day Against DRM, an initiative by the Free Software Foundation.

DRM means copy protection for digital content. It supposedly makes it harder to make copies of files you have bought. But DRM is also a nuisance. It destroys your files.

That’s why the PDF versions of Destroyer, The Lover, Breaking Boy News and my other titles are free from DRM. They are just regular PDF files, easy to enjoy on most devices – no hassles! I know that you, my dear readers, want to support my publications by paying for the work I put into them. That’s what independent publishing is all about, something that the big players will never understand.

Let’s celebrate Day Against DRM (as we did already in 2013) with a 20 percent discount on all downloads. Just use this coupon code when checking out at Cmykrush:


Valid from now and throughout the weekend (July 9, 2017).

Oh, and because it was so difficult for me to make a coupon only for downloads, the discount is valid for all the print magazines as well. 😄


Second-hand photo card set

The thrift shop is open!

Check out the bunch of unique second-hand items that are available at Cmykrush!

Who gets the photo card set pictured above? It’s unopened – only you will know what the photos inside look like! It’s yours for only 15 euro + shipping. (If you can’t access the product page, someone already bought the set.)

Here’s another sweet product for you, a teenage girl magazine from 2005 in Swedish:


The gems you can find! 🙂 Have fun. And have a nice weekend, y’all!