The Lover 05 out now!

The Lover 05 - magazine cover boy

Yes it’s true. The fifth issue of The Lover has come about in record time! What’s more, it is already printed and was delivered to me this morning!

The summer issue 2017 is 52 pages thick, full color as always and filled with unique content:

  • Haiti behind the headlines. Jonas was accused of abducting children from Haiti and selling them to German men. He was vilified by the media and ended up on the cover of tabloid papers – not only once. But he was innocent. This issue’s special case study is an exclusive, in-depth interview with Jonas – as always aptly illustrated.
  • Bacha bazi special report. In three separate articles, The Lover reports on the Afghan boy cult: Bacha bazi to be banned – after Western lobbying. Boy rapes on the rise in Sweden – after the recent influx of young Afghan refugees. And a historical exposé of the tradition of dancing boys in other countries and cultures.
  • Interview with a rent boy. Kevin started selling sex to men when he was 14. The Lover has talked to him about the highs and lows of the business that has become his main career.
  • Mowgli revisited. Why Disney’s The Jungle Book has a different ending in 2016 than in 1967.
  • Plus news, manga and book reviews, and a look behind the scenes of an apparently radical magazine (this one).

Order The Lover 05 here – it will ship to you immediately!

(This is the print version. The PDF download will be released at a later date.)

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