Boy Card 02

Boy Card 02

Added to the shop in this set: Golden Boys 01

Nicola shot the photo in Italy in 1977.

40 years later, the boy is given the recognition he demanded and deserved at the moment of the shoot. His picture is printed on a sturdy card, UV varnished and ready to light up the day of many more people.

On that subject:

According to the classical Greeks, the Boy’s beauty consists of, as Michel Foucault puts it in volume two of The History of Sexuality, “the signs and guarantees of a developing virility. Strength, endurance, and spirit also formed part of this beauty; hence it was good in fact if exercises, competitions, and hunting expeditions reinforced these qualities.”

The Boy was thus a kind of valuable raw material, and it was society’s duty to gently shape it in the right way, taking care of the boy’s nascent power which would not reach its peak until years later. This is how Pseudo-Demosthenes puts it in Eroticos, his tribute to the boy Epicrates. Foucault notes that “as if it were a matter of a work of art to be finished, he urges all who know Epicrates to give this future figure ‘the greatest possible brilliance’.”

Mankind is beautiful, and Destroyer was a declaration of love for mankind – an attempt to give it “the greatest possible brilliance”.

(Excerpt from Gay Man’s Worst Friend – the Story of Destroyer Magazine, available here.)


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