Contribute to the Destroyer Calendar!

For a while now, I’ve been working on a Destroyer Calendar. No, not the old Advent Calendar I used to run in December, but an annual calendar with annual dates of importance to the Destroyer reader. Such as:

  • Birth and death dates of famous or relevant authors (Thomas Mann, Michael Davidson, and many more)
  • The founding dates of clubs and organisations (Wandervogel, etc)
  • The publishing dates of important books and magazines
  • Proposal, voting and implementation of relevant laws
  • Other relevant historical events (the destruction of Hirschfeld’s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, IBLD, etc)

Each entry will come with a short text describing this historical event. The result will be a little book or booklet where there will be something to remember every single day of the year.

This is an attempt to build a culture. By possessing the Destroyer Calendar, you will share the remembrance of these events with other readers around the world!

For example, when you wake up on the 11th of October, you will be able to read about the German youth movement’s first big meeting at the Hoher Meißner on that very date in 1913 – and its relevance to our own movement.

The Destroyer Calendar will be available in print, as a download, and as a Google calendar which you can easily subscribe to.

Feel free to suggest dates to the Destroyer Calendar. Send an email to editor at with the subject “Calendar”. Avoid the obvious dates; all birth and death dates of authors are already covered. Otherwise, the scope can be pretty wide and pretty detailed (no event too small to not have a date!) – I look forward to your suggestions!

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