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You are probably most familiar with Milkboys, a blog and community run by Josh. It used to feature on Destroyer’s blog roll at the time I still had one. As our projects have developed over the years, I’ve noticed that we differ pretty much, both in ways of taste and politics. You could probably describe Milkboys as leftist, whereas my own projects are leaning more towards the conservative, strange as it may sound. And yet I appreciate the way Josh has maintained his blog over the years. Just like myself, he is passionate and serious about what he does. Which explains why we’re still here, I guess, while so many others have thrown in the towel. I interviewed Josh in Destroyer 07 in 2008 (man, that’s long ago!).

Lately, the Milkboys blog has been struggling with server costs and goes down occasionally. You can help Josh keeping Milkboys up by supporting his Patreon campaign.

Note: Even when the Milkboys blog is down, you can still access the milkboard.

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