How old is this boy? #1

Live shota boy

Update 8 February 2016: The poll is now closed, and here are the results:

Age poll #1 results

Wang Junkai was born in September 1999 and was 16 years old when this photo was taken. Only 11 percent of you guessed he was 16 or older. Most of you thought he was 12, and sure, there is a distinct aura of a 12 year old in the picture, but a well trained eye sees that this is deliberately so; Wang Junkai knows how to play with his viewers, but that awareness is in itself a sign of maturity – the 16 year old knows how to pose. Add Photoshop smoothing and maybe even real make up and the illusion is complete.

Update 2: No, no, no, no! No Photoshop, no make up! As a reader points out in the comments, this is not Wang Junkai. After doing additional research, I’m now pretty sure the boy is 丁程鑫, who was only 13 years old at the time the photo first surfaced in autumn last year. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirrrrr-teeeeen.

10 thoughts on “How old is this boy? #1

  1. I say he is under 18 yo. I figure he is 16 years old at most. He is a sweet and sugar cute. [ BUT … NO THANKS. ] I understand nothing going on here … but … I will try.

  2. This is not wang jun kai! This is a trainee boy that is been training at the same company that wan jun kai was and manages his carrer, jun kai aka karry is in a 3 boy band call tfboys (the fighting boys) he is actually 16! But this boy is not him!

    1. I’m happy to have such knowledgeable readers! Thanks for pointing this out. It seems this is in fact 丁程鑫, who is born 24 February 2002, making him only 13 in the picture! I’ll correct the info.

    1. What’s your point? That’s exactly what I write in the post: Wang Yun Kai was born in September 1999 and 丁程鑫 (not Wang Yun Kai) was born in February 2002.

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