The annual “massenschlägerei” (group fight) took place yesterday at Berlin’s outdoor pool complex Columbiabad. 60 boys took part in the fighting while occupying the closed water slide. Like last year, when a pool attendant was beat up by the boy mass, police had to intervene.

A local TV station reported live from the event, trying hard to keep the wild boys at a distance. It’s worth it watching the video:

2 thoughts on “Columbiabad


    it is a mere 40 seconds and makes no sense. No fighting I can see. Maybe there is more somewhere else. But the 40 seconds show a crowd moving to the entrance of the swimming area after the big guy goes to open it up, or, I guess that is what he is doing. The only photo shows a police car line up.

    I cannot read the text so that is all I can say. No pictures but the one, plus a tiny video. Yet it has several pages of text. There is another link I do not yet get to.

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