Welcome to Der Kreis

Der Kreis

Dear everyone. This post first contained a longer background story (which explains the first comments), but I decided to cut the crap. πŸ™‚ So here goes again:

Welcome to Der Kreis

Der Kreis (“the circle”) is the new membership club for my publishing. It’s like a fan club! And as a member you will get plenty of benefits:

  • Half price on all new releases.
  • Guaranteed availability of new releases. Members will be able to order new releases before everyone else. This may be important for publications printed in limited editions.
  • 30 percent discount on all previous releases. You will receive a coupon code that gives you a flat 30 percent discount on everything in the shop.
  • Christmas greeting. Yes, it’s true! For Christmas 2015, members will receive a quality gift in the mail!
  • Giveaways and lotteries. May or may not happen, but if they happen, they are for members of Der Kreis.
  • Private blog posts on Destroyerjournal.com. You will get a password to access protected posts.
  • Private newsletter. You can choose to subscribe to a private newsletter with frequent updates about my work with the publishing.
  • Invitations to real meetings. Such as seminars, art openings and other events. Take this last offer as an ambition rather than a promise. But there are plans underway.

At the same time, you support my publishing of smashing publications such as these:

The publishing of Entartetes Leben

What does it cost?

A membership costs 100 euro (~109 USD) and runs for a year. So far, it’s only possible to pay for a full year, but if there is demand, I might introduce other subcription models.

What’s next?

There are plenty of things in the pipeline, but the most advanced idea is a new journal of sexual politics. This is what I’m working on at the moment. It’s an important magazine, and I plan to launch it in early 2016 – ten years after the launch of Destroyer!

Except the new magazine, I am planning several photo books, which will also result in exhibitions. As a member of Der Kreis, you will be invited to the opening receptions!

And as usual with me, I might just improvise something on the way. Oh, and I just decided what the Christmas gift for 2015 will be – a real quality thing, can’t wait till December!

As always: Let the beat rock!



Are you ready to join Der Kreis? Read more here!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Der Kreis

  1. I’m sure the interest in what you do is still there, it just became so much harder to reach people over the last few years.

    If I’d have to guess, based on my experience with milkboys, I’d say the two major reasons are:

    1. that it’s not as easy anymore to motivate people to get out of the walled gardens most of them live in online (Facebook, Tumblr, etc.).

    They’re happy there and the current generation seems to grow up under the impression that these social networks actually *are* the internet, that these are all you need, all you can get. And of course said places try hard to keep them under that impression.

    2. would be the change of the political climate you already mentioned. With cases of people getting into serious legal trouble for looking at stuff that is actually not illegal but deemed “undesirable” especially in the English-speaking world, potential customers will obviously think twice about ordering physical products that the judiciary in countries like the USA or the UK will definitely use against them, no matter if the product is technically legal.

    Especially the 2nd point makes your work incredible important so I hope you’ll find enough people to fund it.

    Personally I’m nowhere near to a point at which I could afford paying a hundred bucks for… anything really (turns out studying what you want to do instead of what guarantees you a job can be a huge mistake) but if I can help in any other way (spreading the word for example) I’d be happy to!

    1. First of all, I’ve noticed the website is extremely slow today (re your deleted tweet), I think it will just sort itself out!

      It’s interesting to hear about your experiences with Milkboys, and I smiled when you published your own funding post just as I was preparing mine. I think the web changing is the main reason. And this is my way to stick out my hand in this dark space and see if I can still grab some interest.

      Don’t regret your study choices. I’m like you, and I’ve regretted some things at times, but at other times I’ve been thankful. And: Amor fati. πŸ™‚

      All my friends are in the creative business. I never fund my friends’ projects and they never fund mine, so that’s alright and like it should be, Josh!

      This funding is for people who are not in the creative business, but want to see this kind of publishing for two reasons: 1) Because they are important. 2) Because they want to enjoy them personally.

      Also, I don’t reach out to young people (that’s what BBN was for), but rather to longtime readers. I’m very excited to see what happens. I was happy to just welcome member number one!

    2. I’ll second what Josh said.

      ‘I may not agree with what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it’ & all that jazz. More than that you have some interesting arguments & I have to admit it’s been enlightening to read of them. 100 Euros may be a little steep tbh but I’ll keep an eye out for what you publish.

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