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Many of you prefer downloads, so I thought I should inform you that Cmykrush currently offers 20 percent discount on all downloads.

Just use coupon code drm2015 when checking out.

Yo, buy a download!

Valid through Sunday 10 May 2015, only for downloads.

Apparently they are celebrating Day Against DRM. DRM (Digital Rights Management) means copy protection. We have never used that. When you buy a download of Destroyer, BBN or some other of our hot publications, what you get is a pure high quality PDF without water marks or other restrictions.


PS: Not valid for the just released PDF version of Shallow Tourist!

One thought on “Want a download?

  1. Dear Karl! I have just read the ‘Breaking Boy News:The Art Project’ – and I am really amazed with the statistics of who visited the BBN – of that the peak of the visitors were boys aged 14, who were interested in boys their own age. Since some of the photos published in BBN were from my albums at andrei200000.imgsrc.ru, I am really pround that my audience of viewers may also be that young. I do have one frequent viewer who I know is 15, and there was also a 16 y.o. girl who liked my photos of boys. But I thought they were rather an exception to the rule. Me too, I had a misconcept that most of my viewers must be adults in their 40s or 50s. Thank you very much for your publication – you are a real researcher, and in your work you discover things which others do not see, or tend not to notice. The results of your research are worth a scolar recognition – and I hope they eventually will be recognized as such. Very truly yours, Andrei

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