Yes, we’re legal – and now we’re moral too

Our web host contacted us some time ago and asked us to remove certain content if we wanted to stay. They specified the content as “images which are legal but which we can’t defend morally”.

Fair enough, I think. If you want to be hosted by a web hotel, with all the advantages that come with that, you have to play by their rules. The alternative is to level up to an own server, VPS or physical, which is above my own technical knowledge level (I tried once) and which is also much more expensive. So I removed some old folders with legal images, and the host confirmed that everything was more than ok. (“We didn’t even find anything borderline, so you can stay without problems”, they wrote.)

In the end I asked why this request came now, after several years of smooth operation. The abuse officer replied that they had got “numerous complains from international organisations working against child porn”.

Jesus. What if those organisations actually devoted their resources to, say, working against child porn? Instead of trying to close down legitimate sites like mine – not only completely legal but with a strong artistic and political focus? Wouldn’t that be better for everyone? Not least the children? Oh, as if these orgs cared about those little rascals. Yeah, I know. Silly me to suggest such a possibility. Sorry!

(And if you think that we’re cowards and that we should have stood up for ourselves: No. I save that battle for my publications. The way I sell them was always a compromise, as it should be. Put the energy where it belongs.)

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