5 thoughts on “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, part 2

  1. Where did my comment go? UH OH. Well, let me repeat, renew, and re-write.

    I am maybe out of it but not so much as to be unable to say I do not get it. Is this a police rape of a boy? It sure looks like it.

    I witness a cop rape a boy, a male young teen, in South Philadelphia, PA, USA, in 1978 or so, he as a family worker in a local food store, son of the owner, off near 19th and Mifflin Streets. They see me see them. I run away, too much of a freak out to respond intelligently. I say nothing nor ever even write it down until now.

      1. OH ! I dis-read the whole thing. Now I get it . . . . I think. Sorry for my dys-figuring.

        I get the photo with out the black-out . . . .


        . . . . and, OH ! – – – – Other pictures too ! I have no sympathy for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev . But I now have some idea as to how he gets seduced. [{I do not believe in empathy.}] You are an invaluable resource.

        1. Great, William. I blacked out his face since he seemed to be bleeding from it, and I don’t want hurt boys (or young men) on the blog.

          As for my posts in general: They are not always logical, so it’s not always possible to “get them”. That’s because I’m such a quirky person. Unintelligible posts can be read as a kind of poetry, just like some of your comments.

  2. It is 1967 or 1968, not 1978. Sorry. The boy is the son of the food store owner, not the cop, and the cop is the rapist of the teen boy, as I witness it and run away from the action of. I see never see that boy again. For other reasons.

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