Pleasures for men


Anyone remember this ad from 1997? It was targeted towards gay men, or at least it ran in Out magazine. It also stirred some panic (gee, I wonder why), causing Esteé Lauder to make one small change to the image: They added a wedding ring to the man’s left hand.

Agency: Bates Worldwide.

2 thoughts on “Pleasures for men

  1. Without such as you to say so, NO, I never noticed.

    The ad itself meant nothing to me as I cannot afford such items, however much I look through such magazines that do this type ad, fashion and the high priced ‘other’ stuff…. they are fun. And this just passed me by. Dad, Boy, Together, Perfume. That is GOOD!!

    I am shocked, though. I think, who would care enough to really, I mean, REALLY, say anything ??? ”They added a wedding ring to the man’s left hand.” ==> HOW STUPID.

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