Sami, 9


Sami is a Moroccan boy, probably 9 or 11 years old, who travels through Europe with his “brothers” and lives on the street. In Sweden he became famous through a Youtube clip which shows him being beaten up by a security guard at Malmö central station.

Sydsvenskan tracked him down and interviewed him about his life and dreams in two long and very moving articles (in Swedish):


I adore that trucker cap.

One thought on “Sami, 9

  1. Youtube age-restricts me (and I have not figured out how to overcome that) but there is a link right there to the video. The cop restrains him and keeps working at it to stop his squirming around on the ground. But for what other than a personal challenge, I cannot figure why the cop bothers. Normal cop behavior. A pet rock is more useful than a cop way, way too often.

    I like the hat too. It isn’t a ‘trucker cap’ to me but to me it is a stylish hat for sure. The photo does not look like a nine year old but that is what big hats do. :-).

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