Abed, 14


Abed, 14, is a Syrian boy who used to be a refugee in Athens.


A Swedish TV reporter stepped out of his role as a journalist and helped him get to Sweden. The touching story is part of TV program Fosterland, which you can watch here:



As for the rest of the content, it’s a classic “good reporter meets the freaks” documentary à la Michael Moore. Meaning: You seek out some nationalistic wackos, try to understand “how they think”, let them speak so freely about it that everyone think they’re lunatic, stare shocked at them while asking a few extremely obvious questions like “should we stop a mother with her kids at the border?”, wait for the negative answer, and then cash out: Congratulations – You’re A Good Person and will shortly be awarded with The Swedish Grand Journalism Prize!

But the parts with Abed are adorable. I wish him all the best in his new home country!

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  1. It was our Swedish foreign minister who took home the boy in the government’s plane and not a journalist:-)

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