Advent Calendar 21 December 2014: Du & Ich 9, 1979 – rent boy special

Du & Ich 9, 1979

kalendersiffran21Rent boys were a natural part of gay life in the 1970s, and so, the gay press reported on rent boy related issues. As in this article in Du & Ich 9, 1979: “Rent boys ever younger”. Nowadays, even 10-year-old boys are selling sex to get some extra pocket money, the text says. The article ends with a parentheses where the author expresses his view:

“Well, the onset of puberty has also sunk, from 13 to 11/12 years, in some cases even 10.”

In the same issue, a rent boy writes to Dr Michael that “sometimes I start to really hate the gays”:

Du & Ich 9, 1979

An excerpt:

“For many gays I’m already too old, they only get turned on by boy* cocks, that’s disgusting. You won’t image all the things I have to listen to: Self-pity, cants about loneliness and unfulfilled love and such shit. And then when we’re at it and you have blown them, they immediately get uptight and wanna get rid of you as soon as possible. Sometimes I start to really hate the gays: They only have demands on us boys* but they don’t wanna give anything themselves. Can’t you give me a tip about how a person who is as good-looking as I can earn a lot of money?”

* Both “Knabe” and “Junge” mean boy, but “Knabe” is a younger boy (in Swedish a bit like “gosse”). That’s why he first uses “Knabe” for other boys who are younger than him, and then “Junge” about himself.

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  1. I remember in 1973 or 4 little boys who could not be ten walking into the downtown main street of a big city and trying to open the car doors as the cars slowed down in the downtown crowded turn-around. The older teens sat on the church steps and waited more patiently for the corner turning cars as others, further off, showed off and waited for invitations. Others rode their bikes, boys no more than 11 or 12, down-town, and showed off their mid-drifts or ‘perused’ the library park. Another place was a parking lot of a closed shopping center where ten year olds if a day, in 1985, gathered with a variety of other teens and young adults, and here I knew several who were over 21, but not many of them. Regular prosties were elsewhere for more money and more, as in drugs, not merely sexual opportunity. I saw such-ness-es with my own eyes as I was there to see. And I am not well traveled nor do I trawl for whores nor prosties. I am exclusively a bar scene seeker and never was a hooker and not a ‘street operator’, so to speak. I heard several conversations and the hookers reacted negatively, strangely, against the Johns. Johns are not usually nice. Neither was (nor is) being gay a nice life for most. . . for 10 years old nor 60. I have had ten year olds who did not even look sexual come-on to me and I was simply out in the shopping mall, on a bench, resting my shopping-bones. It was as if I was, as one put it, out to ‘give and take a favor’. DUH!!
    OH! I also remember the pool hall in 1971 I was invited to. Nevermind. You get my meanings here. And I never even tried.

    1. Thanks for sharing these memories. It seems this was a common situation in the 1960s and 1970s in many cities. It’s as if boys and men used the guise of prostitution in order to keep up the old tradition of mb relations. Do you know who the customers of the younger boys were? Would you say they were gay men, or rather straight men? Because historically, those men interested in boys as young as 10 were usually straight, meaning they were sexually attracted to women, for which young boys provided a substitute or the other way around.

      1. Indianapolis downtown circle drive . . . . . . . . church . . . main big sidewalk [‘drag’ as I’d now call it] But I am unaware of the color redish as in the photo.

        And that is the church the steps on which I was and met and saw and watched teen prosties & was threatened by knife blade by a prostitute who did not seem ‘gay’ & was there about ‘hom-seshal’ … go figure. I was 23 or 24 and freaked out. The church was at a right turn onto a well used street, going north as I recall now, versus the other turns not so busy all day. The prostie’s did not trust me as I was not into their thing. I watched as I was dared to by a friend. And I saw the little boys RUN up to cars, as the cars slowed near this church turn, try to open the car door and often opening the doors. Usually rebuffed. Few got in, and I remember only a few, less than five, over the days I watched, versus the many tries. The church steps were accommodating to always less than ten, the street itself, up to about two miles, as I physically know and, yes, measured by map, a walk-way for pick-me-ups, so to speak. It was my exercise route for blood sugar control. And so on. I was not ‘into’ all of that so I did not do more than visit the circle but did meet adult pick-me-ups also. There was also the library park area and another park north of the church turn. So, south-ways, I know nothing. One way led to a gay bar but I was too freaked out to visit. It was my ‘friend’ who knew, very physically, more, but I cannot rescue him now, and I was too freaked out to in quire nor en quire more at the time. One tormentor I met and he described his preferences of torment, as if as a lure, at the mid-day noon-time church steps with me. And my ‘friend’ at the time is not available to tell .

        Of the interested men who came by the church steps, some on foot, as locals, and by car, are to go by MY measure of anything, I do not believe they were all gay but, instead, gay or not, they hated or dis-liked the boys. I am of that opine for the way they said anything. [I am a bad voyeur and bad witness as I was too freaked out to really come to know anything beyond as an outsider. I was also young, freaked out, sober, working, Q-ing, and somewhat observant. But a bad witness, I now see, and useless observer.

      2. I did it wrong.

        For the Indianapolis circle, Meridian Avenue, and the reddish side walk I only remember as being wide.

        No male and no man ever molested me sexually as a child. Females hit my balls and spanked other boys, as never girls ever got spanked nor were ever taken into the closet to cry out, never , & neither men nor boys ever sexually nor even hinted at gender differences, and it was female adults who took me into the closet to pull my pants down to manipulate my genitals, non-reactive as they were. It was boys crying as only boys were spanked, and never girls, and no man ever made any boy cry, only female child care workers. And teachers hated me because the most beautiful boy in the junior high school as I was aware such I was un-aware everyone else noticed my attention, and the boy himself was made aware and such quickly ended any attention, except he was made student vice president, ha ha. made clear I loved, obvious for all to see except me till I figured ‘they’ let me know… uh! Oh!

        The Q about adult males and their sexual acts is unknown to me. I only know that boys have solicited me since I was a free teen at nineteen, the first from the orphan boys in South Philadelphia, and I could never, not ever, go along with them, and it now and then happened afterward, such solicitation was made even publically, until the last, a ten boy bike group of teens, maybe 14 but down to what had to be under 12, outside an Acme mall, outside the police station, this last when I was 58 years old. I remember, from some years earlier, the parking lot in Detroit, Michigan, near Telegraph Avenue, west side, off Eight Mile Road, I was taken to and where in teens made themselves available, for pay and for not, but I was a mere witness by the driver, my ‘friend’, while his ‘friend’ detailed his adventures there, got out, and was left there on his own, as he requested … he said he was to get a rider from one of ‘them’, and was not nice about it. And there they were. And he left the car to adventure. If I ever did retale my exciting & sexual & my X-rated ‘adventures’, I’d bore any one but me.

        I was told that ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’, yes, he did, a blond white boy did say it to me in front of others for those to hear him say it to me in particular, in high school, and I was too dumb to know ‘why’, which is partly because the ”eyes have it” was not known to me. And the YMCA in downtown Louisville , Kentucky, where blacks took white boys .

        I remember as an observer and an anon-actioner and a non-actioner, I cold give a few details of sex by others at the 69th Street bus station, outside Philadelphia, PA, the Detroit, Michigan down town bus station, & the Philadelphia downtown bus station. I am obviously a mere observer and a bad one at that. And I never knew that lack of ability and retention of my own past until I tried to detail it all and, wow, am I a missed-out and not even visually rewarded in memory.
        { I am not feeling bad about it all as, it all, as it is, is MINE … and mine alone :-}}} ( No ape person me.)

        oh! That starts another story for another site, persons = humanoids, such so in a very real human sense, in an Australian court. Not my fantasy but legal fantasm making, depending, and … I STOP HERE..

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