Advent Calendar 20 December 2014: Du & Ich 9, 1979 – paragraph 175

Du & Ich 9, 1979

kalendersiffran20Du & Ich issue 9, 1979, was a theme issue about the 10th anniversary of the abolition of paragraph 175, the Nazi law that forbid homosexual relations. The magazine published a spread with reactions from the public, as reflected in reader letters to mainstream media in 1969 (click to enlarge):

Du & Ich 9, 1979

Roswitha R. in Kaiserslautern writes:

“For me as a mother, these people are criminals – no matter how moral or respectable they are. I demand for the protection of my son: Quickly do away with (lit. ‘make the process short with’) these misfits of the human society!!!”

I think the gays who do everything to fit in and who think that not as “moral” or “respectable” gays destroy for ALL OF US should do a close reading of Mrs Roswitha R’s letter, since it is evident that they will be hated by Roswitha and her likes no matter how hard they try.

In general, the fear that homosexuals threaten to seduce society’s offspring seems to be very common. Today, you can’t utter such an accusation against homosexuals without being accused of being a homophobe. That’s why we invented the so called “pedophiles”, (by which we today mean a male person attracted to another male person under the age of 27), where straight and gays alike can compete in fearing the most.

One thought on “Advent Calendar 20 December 2014: Du & Ich 9, 1979 – paragraph 175

  1. All it takes is finding under eight-teens ‘sexy’, or think of them as ‘sexy’, and off to federal or other prison you can go in the U.S.A., land of free expression and so on. See Russia in 2014 and their anti-gay problems. NO REAL PROGRESS SINCE 1979!!! Now you can marry and be normal, as per the prez, here in free U.S.A.. Copy-Cat the straights & it’ll be OK, as even William F. Buckley said, publically, well, before he went away. But DO NOT DARE TO BE REALLY DIFFERENT because even the gays will ostracize all off the charts gays… … And BL’s can die. You need not have sex with minors, never, not ever. Just finding them ‘sexy’ is all that is required. The stated assumption is that you will masturbate over them and ‘reinforce’ the perversion, or ‘deviant behavior’, and that particular ‘deviance’ is considered criminal . Being a deviant, sexually, can be made into a crime. So, to me, I get you somewhat here. LGBT-normals, creatures who copy-cat the str8’s, are just as authoritarian, and deadly, as str8’s. I can’t go to the William Way LGBT gay center in Philadelphia as a deviant. I have to be acceptable. DFUH!!! I tried a Destroyer twice. Violence was threatened.

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