Snapped Up #1


Salvation Army bans teen boys from shelters

Why? Because among women they are counted as men, thus potential perpetrators, and among men they are counted as children, thus potential victims.

It’s fascinating how society nowadays has a hard time dealing with that confusing state in between, which used to be referred to as boy.

(We reported about age limits for boys at women’s shelters in Sweden in Destroyer 08, February 2009. Also relevant, the editorial “The Boy is Dead” in Destroyer 09.)

Cartoons illegal in the UK

“A 39-year-old UK man has been convicted of possessing illegal cartoon drawings of young girls exposing themselves in school uniforms and engaging in sex acts. The case is believed to be the UK’s first prosecution of illegal manga and anime images.”

The judge called the cartoons “repulsive” and sentenced the man to 9 months in prison, suspended as long as he doesn’t commit any new crimes.

Also read Lenore Skenazy in Reason.

Snapped Up?

Sometimes weeks pass with the same tabs open in your browser with interesting articles that I plan writing about but never do. “Snapped up” will be a place to collect these snippets and links – the title is of course a homage to the Du & Ich spread “Aufgeschnappt” – without the ambition to comment or analyze at length.

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