Advent Calendar 13 December 2014: Du & Ich 7, 1979

Du & Ich Nr 7, 1979, Titelseite

kalendersiffran13This is Du & Ich issue 7, 1979. A very political cover compared to the latest parade of hairy asses and headlines about “hot buns”. The text reads:

“Du & Ich report: He is teacher, married, father – and homosexual. What can he expect from this society?”

This might very well be where the conflict between “gays” and “pedophiles” peaks. The aesthetics of the mature man seems to dominate more and more, which is criticized by a reader in the “what made us angry” section:

Du & Ich Nr 7, 1979

“As a pedophile, I feel neglected by Du & Ich recently”, the reader starts, and complains that the editorial line seems to have changed, not least in regard to photos, since there are ever fewer photos of “cute boys” in the magazine. “Have the alarmist cries from the ‘normal’ homosexuals made you change your mind?” he asks.

Du & Ich replies that considering the harder laws regarding youth protection, the magazine will continue fighting for its pedophile readers, this “minority within a minority”. They assure the reader that “the engagement for our pedophile readers is firmly rooted in our editorial statutes, this will definitely not change.”

2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 13 December 2014: Du & Ich 7, 1979

  1. Du & Ich Magazine still publishes. But it is a very different magazine now. The new editorial board definitely does not remember the promises which this magazine made back 35 years ago. Nor did they do ANYTHING to oppose the neo-fascist E.U. Directive 2011-92-EU, which made ALL E.U. member states adopt an ‘AGE OF PROTECTION’ of 18 all across the E.U.

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