Advent Calendar 11 December 2014: Du & Ich 4, 1979 – Christian und sein Briefmarkenfreund

Du & Ich Nr 4, 1979, Titelseite

kalendersiffran11We’re opening Du & Ich issue 4, 1979, featuring a man with a hairy ass on the cover.

The “Aufgeschnappt” section tells about the educational short movie “Christian und sein Briefmarkenfreund” (“Christian and his stamp collector friend”):

Du & Ich Nr 4, 1979

Or more exactly about the work of the organization of gay teachers to stop the movie from being shown in German schools. The movie is a classic “warn boys of the homosexual danger” kind of movie, pretty much like the now infamous Boys Beware.

Today we look back upon such movies as hopelessly homophobic and behind the times. Yet similar rhetoric and aesthetics are still pretty much around if the danger is defined as pedophiles instead of homosexuals. I have some interesting examples of this, but will save them for other contexts than this brief advent calendar.

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