Advent Calendar 5 December 2014: Du & Ich 3, 1979

Du & Ich Nr 3, 1979, Titelseite

kalendersiffran05And we’re back to the normal covers, with only one photo. This is Du & Ich, issue 3, 1979.

And here is the back cover:

Du & Ich Nr 3, 1979, back cover

I wonder how old he is. He looks old (40?) in the face, but most people do on old photos! His body looks young (17?) but he has enough underarm hair to be at least 25.

I think this was the “trained body” of the time. Gay men hadn’t started frequenting gyms yet. That’s why the ideal body of the 1970s wasn’t buff, but rather svelte, though still muscular in a more defined way.

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