Advent Calendar 4 December 2014: Du & Ich 2, 1979 – a reader letter

Leserbrief, Du & Ich Nr 2, 1979

kalendersiffran04In this reader letter from Du & Ich 2, 1979, a reader in Gelsenkirchen asks: “Who suffers from the pedophile homosexuals, who destroy our reputation in the whole republic, because people think of us as child molesters?” And replies: “ALL OF US!”

He argues for excluding pedophiles from society: “By which I of course don’t mean extermination camps, but rather some kind of barracks or asylum outside the big cities”. He argues for harder punishments for pedophiles.

I think this letter shows very clearly how the will to be accepted was beginning to gain momentum among the homosexuals, after a few years of “real pride” after Stonewall. The letter could as well have been written today; the discussion about whether pedophiles should be part of the gay movement or not – or more generally, what a “good homosexual” should be like not to “destroy the reputation” for ALL OF US – is innate in the modern gay movement.

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