Fundoshi fail

I  clicked on an ad for a machine rental company, and this is what the campaign site (you can see the url at the top if you wanna have a look) looked like:


The sumo wrestlers are wearing fundoshi, the traditional Japanese underwear usually only worn for festivals nowadays. But unlike the older wrestler, the boy is wearing normal underwear underneath. Take a closer look:

Shirtless boy sumo wrestler in fundoshi AND underwear

This looks ridiculous to me, as if he has a diaper under the fundoshi. This is what it should look like:

Shirtless boys in fundoshi

The reason why the boy in the ad gets to wear double underwear is probably that a boy wearing fundoshi only would take too much attention from the campaign by showing too much boy flesh. This could affect the reader in ways that are not wanted in an ad for machine rentals. It says something about the nature of human attraction that this is a concern only for the boy, not for the man.

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