Stop Germany’s new unconstitutional sex laws – sign the petition!

The Azov scandal had very different effects around the world. In the US, people are getting many years in prison for having owned dvd’s from the busted Canadian enterprise. All of them have plead guilty so far, so it’s actually still unclear if the material really is illegal according to US law.

In Germany, however, it’s very clear that the dvd’s are legal. Which caused quite a scandal in itself, when German politician Sebastian Edathy (born 1969) was found to own some Azov material. “Legally perverse”, a tabloid exclaimed on its front page. How could it be, that it’s legal to own or buy photos of naked kids?! The German people was in shock.

This is now to be fixed. In the aftermath of the “Edathy scandal”, Germany’s minister of justice Heiko Maas (born 1966) presented a law proposal that extends the definition of child porn to include “unnaturally sex-accentuated posture”. The proposal was criticized by 26 criminology experts at the University of Hamburg, by the Bundestag’s committee on legal affairs, and by the German Bar Association for breaking the “rule of certainty of law” (“Bestimmtheitsgebot”), thus being unconstitutional.

Until tomorrow you can sign a petition against the new law proposal:

Sexualstrafrecht: KEINE verfassungswidrigen Verschärfungen in den § 184b + 184c und 201a StGB

As of now, the petition only has 75 signers, out of a needed (not sure what for) 120,000. The counter states 0 (zero) percent. So it’s quite clear that this petition won’t make a formal change. However, if you worry about swift and unconstitutional changes of law (which every intellectual should), signing the petition is a good way to show that you protest against this kind of populist politics.

One thought on “Stop Germany’s new unconstitutional sex laws – sign the petition!

  1. Why NOBODY is raising the question about the constitutionality of the E.U. ban on posession of whatever information FOR ONE’S OWN USE, in general??? POSESSION OF INFORMATION DEEMED IMMORAL was first criminalized in 1996-1997, on a country-by-country level (following the fascist tradition which seemed to be burried in 1945, but appeared not to). At that time in 1996-1997 at least some people protested. See, for example, a special edition of the Italian Gay monthly magazine, No.148 dated October 1996 THE QUESTION ALREADY THEN WAS PUT AS FOLLOWS: WHY DOES THIS MENTALLY SICK U.S. AND E.U. SOCIETY MAKE IT A CRIME TO POSSESS INFORMATION DEPICTING MINORS UNDER 18: CHEERFUL, HAPPY, SMILING, ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT DEPICTED – while at the same time NOT MAKING A SINGLE EFFORT TO CRIMINALIZE POSSESSION AND DISSEMINATION OF MATERIALS DEPICTING KILLINGS, BEHEADINGS, SHOOTINGS, BOMBARDINGS AND OTHER WAR AND BLOOD AFFAIRS, WHICH ONE SEES ALMOST IN EVERY MOVIE, IN EVERY NEWS ON THE TV ETC.?? Myself, I see only one answer: this mad society (both in the U.S., and in the E.U., and in Russia, and in North Korea, etc.) IS PREPARING FOR A NEW GLOBAL WAR – which effectively is already starting to outbreak (Ukraine, a Central European State, is already at war!) And the good old slogan of the end 1960s ‘Make Love, not War!’ is not what this society is going to accept. They need boys to spend energy only on violence. Put it as simple as this: should BOYS be allowed to LOVE MEN, the society fears they will not be able to KILL MEN thereafter! And they spate on the constitutions. They simply say that ‘(46) Child pornography, which constitutes child sexual ABUSE images, is a specific type of content which CANNOT be construed as the expression of an opinion.’ See the neo-fascist E.U. Directive No. 2011/93/EU – – AS IF CONSTITUTIONS OF ANY OF THE E.U. MEMBER STATES HAD SUCH A CLAUSE!! I see that only about a hundred persons out of the 81 million population of Germany, have found courage to sign the OBVIOUS PETITION! That’s a huge shame – and an evidence of the mad blindness which the today’s society is going through. Unfortunately, the lesson will be painful, as the new global war which is going to outbreak soon, will be much more devastating to the planet compared to WWII, it might be even fatal.

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