The Advent Calendar begins tomorrow!

Hello everyone!

This year we’ll do an Advent Calendar again. It starts tomorrow and runs until 24th of December 2014.

This year’s theme is Du & Ich, the German gay magazine which started publishing in 1969 – right after Germany’s ban on homosexuality had been abolished – and quit earlier this year after an impressive 45 years of gay publishing.

We’ll only look into Du & Ich issues from 1979. I chose the year pretty much at random, but I think it’s an interesting year for the gay movement:

  • 1979 was 10 years after Stonewall and paragraph 175. The modern gay movement had gained momentum. Only a few years later it would be hit by aids, but in 1979, the worst thing that could happen to a gay man who went to Bangkok to have sex was to get too burned by the sun.
  • It’s also somewhere around 1979 that the gay movement loses its early ideals and starts conforming. In plain language: The boys would have to go. But throughout the 1970s they were still there, along with the men, on the pages of the gay magazines.
  • 1979 is modern times. It feels comparatively recent compared to the 1960s. Well, it is more recent, but it feels even more recent than it is, so to speak.

So everyone, welcome to 1979 – enjoy Destroyer’s Advent Calendar 2014!

3 thoughts on “The Advent Calendar begins tomorrow!

  1. By the way. 1979 was the year the film Stortjuven was released. In the film there’s a scene where a group of boys talk about how one of the boys, Rolle, jerked of a fag for some money. Not a paedophile, but a fag. In another scene they show the display of a porn shop window in Stockholm, including a range of clearly underage material. Different times!

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