A crash course in overcompensation

A 15 year old had sex with his boyfriend. Dan Savage comments:

Suffice it to say: fucking minors is wrong. It’s a crime and if Bean and Lawson are guilty of the crime they’ve been charged with… I hope they both go away for a long, long time.

Bean and Lawson is not a banking firm, but the names of the 15 year old’s ex boyfriends. Lawson is old, as in 60+. Bean is 25.

Yeah, 15 and 60+ might not be the posterboy relationship for the gay movement, even though legal in most of Europe.

But what about 15 + 25? Isn’t that exactly what the gay movement has fought for during all these years? That two persons of the same sex should be allowed to have a relationship with each other? Isn’t that what the gay movement was all about?

And isn’t that what the whole “save Katelyn” campaign was all about? That was a lesbian relationship with the ages 14 + 18. While the prouder parts of the gay movement were trying to save Katelyn, I guess Savage wanted her to “go away for a long, long time”?

Or does “fucking minors” only refer to men and anal sex, which according to most homophobes (and many feminists) is a terrible sexual practice, at least for the receiving part? I don’t know about the roles in the relationship in the cases of Bean and Lawson, but Savage seems to know, and my question is whether it is more acceptable to be “fucked by minors”?

It would be interesting to know where Savage draws the border. Obviously, he is in favor of men being permitted to have sex with each other. But just how old do they have to be? Would Savage protest against European law if he came here? In Europe, gay activists have fought for decades to be allowed to have sex at the same age as straight people. This means 15 for most of Europe, 14 for some countries such as Germany. I can’t read Savage’s comment in any other way than that he wants gay men who have legal sex in Europe to be imprisoned “for a long, long time”. What a blow in the face to the old gay activists who have fought so hard to give us the freedoms we – including Dan Savage – can enjoy today.

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