The Boys of Brazil

Cute Brasil boy in football shirt

Imagine the hope he had. And how he looked up to the players and wanted to become one himself. Imagine the pride he felt for his country and his team.

Then imagine him sitting outside a café with a TV in a little favela full of happy people who are going to watch the game together. Imagine his excitement.

It took 11 minutes to kill it.

You can deal with defeat. You have to. But to get crushed 7-1 on your own turf is not defeat. It’s tragedy.

Imagine the disappointment in that little favela – and inside that boy. Imagine how it gives way to desperation, panic, then tears.

These football players were his male role models. When his absent father or drug dealing brother messed up, the players were there for him as ideals. And now he was let down by them.

The stars fell down and they fell hard. The boy was deprived of the beautiful ideal world that he believed in. In those 90 minutes – 90 long, tormenting minutes – he learned that there are no stars and there are no reasons to believe.

A generation of boys have been scarred for life. It’s so sad.

2 thoughts on “The Boys of Brazil

  1. I can’t imagine what they felt. They only can know. But, in my experience, life is all a tragedy, for much more people they can imagine. And even for me, its’ been like that. I’ve always been living it with this feeling inside and with this convincement. And many people in this world, i’m sure, they suffer just much more than how much we believe it’s given for ourselves. This is a valley of tears, for the good ones… I just wanna say, they are not alone, they are often together, and this is not a little! There’s a biggest hope always for those who suffer the most. And these kids and boys have to know how much many people in the world entire, and in their environment too, love them, and they yet dont’ know. I hope my lonely heart will relieve them. Don’t loose the trust, I’m with you like many others. Marco.

  2. Sh** happens, dammit!!! This might be a good and useful puberty tale!!! No symp from me . . .oh, some, but not much . . it’s only sports, not war.

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