I’m shutting down – last credit card payments 14 July 2014

Dear longtime readers, friends, supporters. After more than 8 years I’m shutting down my publishing business as you know it.

To make a long story short, Swedbank has cancelled my credit card contract, which I’ve had with them since 2008. This is probably due to persistent lobbying by Christian fascist org Ecpat, Swedbank only mentioned “ethical” reasons and that my shop had been caught by “two filters independently”. Just to be clear: There was nothing illegal there. But Swedbank apparently has its own anti-gay, anti-art and anti-culture ethics. Though to be fair, they have to follow/interpret/enforce the rules of Visa and Mastercard.

No online business can survive without credit card payments. Neither bank transfer nor bitcoin is a real alternative. In reality, there is a monopoly on online payments. Visa, Mastercard and Paypal dictate what kind of businesses are allowed to exist and not.

And yes, I started looking for other CC payment providers, but it sent me back to 2008 as I once again found myself being turned down by everyone I contacted – for the same fascist “ethical” reasons.

So this is what will happen:

I’ll keep the shop for the time being, and I will accept bank transfers. But all in all, I’m shutting down. I will not reply to emails as quickly as before, and I will not ship daily. More importantly, I will not publish anything more. Another “boy business” bites the dust.

14 July 2014 is the date when credit card payment will stop working. Or so I think at least. If there’s something you want to buy, I recommend to do so as soon as possible.

Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind in half a year and set up a new shop and find a CC payment solution. Or I might use crowdfunding for a new project. But all of that will be later decisions. As for now, I’m out.

Thank you for these years, it’s been amazing.


And here’s the link to my glorious web shop I Love Mags, I’m so proud of it and its products!

7 thoughts on “I’m shutting down – last credit card payments 14 July 2014

  1. Im so sorry this had to happen to you. I wish you the best of luck finding a new CC company wish you can sue the heck out of them but keep up yourself and never give up. can you do a paypal ver of your mags.

  2. NO ! ! ! – – – – Oh – – – you are serious. I thank you for all you have done for me. It is all your fault that I am happy and even a still a live one and still a happy live one. I will buy what you have to offer. If only . . . . but that is not the issue, is it, really? Oh. Dumb-Me. Yes it is. My ‘fellow’ gays at the William Way Center in downtown Philadelphia, PA, USA, do not get it. How odd but very real is there in an actual HATE and anger and even violence against any ‘b’oyishness. I am a powerless person. Sorry.

  3. Destroyer Magazine was cool! Too bad I missed the auction for #2.
    Shallow Tourist-Book is also recommended!

  4. Omg. No. I will miss destroyer. Really hope to see more in the future. I wish you the best of luck and thanks for all the happiness you brought us.

  5. What a pity you are closing down. Should you open another similar business, please keep my email to hand and let me know. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best. Marc

  6. Why dont you just do a donation based blog, instead of selling mags, just run a site with your great articles and photo stories or something similar to breaking boy news where you send in a payment via paypal to receive a password? link it to your personal credit card and not a business, paypal isn’t going to tell people who you are.

  7. friend I liked it this site.
    makes me sad to read that they are closing.
    I know this beautiful site makes a difference, and of course that is a constant struggle against the general trends.
    but I beg you not to abandon us, there are many payment methods, I know you will find alternative means of payment.
    please, for the beautiful boys, do not leave us, do not close.
    in this world few of us really love the beautiful guys, we must be united.
    soon receive a message with my e-mail for you to inform me about this website that is closing and other websites you after open.
    friend a hug

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