I Love Mags celebrates five years!

I Love Mags 5 years

It is now five years ago I announced on this blog that I Love Mags had opened for business.

Happy birthday, I Love Mags!

Five years is a long time on the internet. It proves devotion both from the creator (me) and the customers/readers/fans (you). There are plenty of examples of similar businesses that have vanished during those years, for various reasons. “None mentioned, none forgotten”, as we say in Scandinavia.

The main reason why I Love Mags is thriving is that I’m not into it for the money. Of course, they are a necessity. But they are not my main objective. I Love Mags is and will remain a small player.

Five years is also a sign of the legitimacy of the publications. We all know how sensitive credit card companies can be, but they haven’t found anything objectionable at I Love Mags. (I’ve even sent paper copies of Destroyer on request to be scrutinized by their Swedish representatives, as told in the book about Destroyer, now on sale!)

I would like to say a big thanks to all my loyal readers! You’re not many, but you’re devoted. I often smile when I recognize a name or an address that I know has been with me for many years, sometimes even from the very start (thus having experienced a handful of shop and payment solutions). It is you that have made the various publications I’ve put out over the years possible!

Normally I would celebrate a birthday like this with a huge sale, but the biggest sale in I Love Mags’ history is already ongoing. Take the chance to fill up the holes in your collection to bargain prices!

What’s next for I Love Mags? There are plans, both on a technical level (more about that later) and regarding content. A more ambitious print project is scheduled for next year. Hopefully I can put out a smaller thing before that.

Let’s end with a trip down memory lane (click the thumbs to open the screenshot gallery), including how the Destroyer website looked like ever since the start in 2006. Enjoy!

And don’t forget about the print sale! Running for two more weeks.

PS: Attentive readers might note that I Love Mags was actually launched in June 2008. True, I’m one month late with the celebrations. But better late than never, no?

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