Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly dies at 34

Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly on the left

The Guardian reports:

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly, one half of the 1990s rap duo Kris Kross, has died at an Atlanta hospital at the age of 34, a Fulton County Medical Examiner’s spokesman said on Wednesday.

Kelly died on Wednesday evening, said Dumonder Dawson, an investigator for the medical examiner’s office. He declined to discuss the cause of the rapper’s death.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper reported that Kelly had been found unresponsive at his home and that an autopsy had been scheduled for Thursday morning.

Kris Kross were long-time favorites at the editorial offices of Destroyer. I wrote about them in Destroyer 06, and used their smash hit Jump in the trailer for the last Destroyer:

It’s a brilliant song that uses the classic baseline from Jackson 5’s I Want You Back, subsequently also used by Max Martin in his Britney Spears hit Crazy.

On a political note, one can wonder whether Kelly’s death was related to him becoming a performer at an early age. If child stars in general are more prune to get problems later in life, one should consider banning children from such adult professions as long as they are minors.

Rest in peace, Mac Daddy. (He’s the one on the left in the image above.)

One thought on “Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly dies at 34

  1. I’ve seen Kris Kross performance when they introduced Michael Jackson’s live in Rome in 1992. I was 21yo that time, and i was at that concert. I think, too, becoming a star at that age may ruin the rest of their lives. And the consequences may be tragic, like this terrible time. I would never have wanted to hear such a painful tragedy, so hard for me to stand. i would never. And i want to say kids must be protected and granted serenity, with a normal growth without dangers. It’s the part of humanity that feeds my heart with tenderness and lovelyness the most, and i care so much of all them. So i wanna say we HAVE to do all those things that are necessary to protect them and avoid them any danger or threat for their growth and for their future. I want kids to be happy, because this makes me happy too. If it’s due, we HAVE to deny that a kid or a Young teen becomes a star so soon, if we really love them. Because the exploitment some make of their youngness, i think it’s felt by them like a “weight” too hard to stand already at that age, and then they suffer so much going on the time, and don’t complete a normal personality, and may die or kill themselves, or even other horrors, that i indeed don’t want for them. I hope who cares about Youth may share and subscribe what i say, and fight for making their safety become a stronger and stronger reality, in any contest. Kids and Youth are my heart, and i’m such harmed and wounded by terrible news like this. R.I.P Chris, your Soul will always be alive in my heart. Marco.

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