Release 2 of 2: Plato’s Phaedrus (get Destroyer Fiction for free!)

Plato's Phaedrus

Plato’s Phaedrus is one of the most important works in the area of beauty and boys.

In the dialogue, Socrates convincingly lays out the words about what kind of man the beautiful boy Phaedrus should choose for a lover. The text climaxes as Socrates holds his speech about the beauty of the love between a man and a boy.

Today the text comes off as surprisingly open and honest.

Despite it’s written by the very founder of the Western civilisation, it might shock other readers.

But not us.

Instead, this is what we embrace as part of our very own canon; Phaedrus is up there with Mann’s Death in Venice and relevant non-fiction such as Eglinton’s Greek Love.

This edition of Phaedrus is released today – April 14th, 2013. It contains the dialogue in its entirety. The old translation by Benjamin Jowett has been carefully polished to make the work accessible to new generations of readers.

Discover your heritage. Feel exhilarated. Feel proud. This is your book – our book. 80 pages on quality 80 g paper waiting for their place in your reference library.

Buy Phaedrus here!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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