The D2 auction is cancelled


I’ve decided to cancel the D2 auction for different reasons.

First of all, I’ve only got 12 bids and I doubt there will be many more. I hadn’t thought of that possibility.

Second, and more importantly, I feel the fun has gone out of the whole thing. Maybe it wasn’t there to begin with for you.

In a comment to the auction post a reader said the auction “shades a somewhat new light” on me and suggests a “plain financial interest”. The reader wrote: “I find it difficult to mix appreciation with a purchase.”

Even though it would be technically easy for me to rebut (for example, each issue of Destroyer relied financially on the purchases of the previous issue – there was always, and still is, a financial reality to my publishing), I think he struck a nerve in me. After all, throughout Destroyer’s history I never asked for more for each issue than I thought was fair. And that was well below what the only similar print magazine costed, despite being half the pages and mainly black and white. So it would be sad if more readers got the same feeling as the commenter, as if I was only in it for the money. Hey, if I was I wouldn’t make Destroyer at all. I would make a career! So why taint the wonderful Destroyer adventure with what could turn out to be a bitter aftertaste?

Yes, there are financial concerns in my publishing. More so than ever. But I’ve realised that’s another issue. I might start asking for donations or something, but if so, that will be separate from the purchases of actual products. Those who want to make a larger donation can do so, and those who “only” want to read a magazine (thereby also automatically contributing) can make a purchase. The two probably shouldn’t be mixed, which was my idea with the auction, to look upon the bids as contributions.

I also realised that those of you who want to own D2 are the same people who already supported me tremendously by buying all the other issues. I don’t want to give you of all people the disquieting suspicion of greed with your purchase. I want you to appreciate it, to quote the commenter.

So that’s it. The auction is cancelled.

Two matters now remain. The first one is how to deal with the bids that 12 of you actually placed. For the sake of transparency, here they are (including first initial so you can identify yourselves):

  1. T: 500 euro
  2. L: 356 euro
  3. C: 250 euro
  4. M: 177 euro
  5. J: 154 euro (200 dollar)
  6. R: 130 euro
  7. P: 115 euro
  8. M: 100 euro
  9. J: 96 euro (125 dollar)
  10. L: 92 euro (120 dollar)
  11. H: 81 euro (105 dollar)
  12. M: 79,10 euro

Makes a total of 2,130 euro. Amazing – thank you! I was moved by every email. I’ve now cancelled these bids. And I’ve decided to give you (the 12 bidders) the option of purchasing a copy of D2 for 50 euros. I think that’s fair, but it’s your choice. I’ll email you about it.

The second matter is what to do with the rest of the 18 D2’s. I’ve considered just putting them in the shop and then first come, first served, or having some kind of lottery. But what I think I’ll do is to sell each of them in a real auction, since that would reflect real demand and give everyone a chance to obtain a copy. I’ll let you know when this will happen.

I might write a more detailed post about the finances of Destroyer and the rest of my publishing later, since I think it might interest some of you, and also explain the pricing in general. Till then, take care!

And for those who didn’t read everything in detail I’ll end by repeating:


3 thoughts on “The D2 auction is cancelled

  1. Meh, I was holding back my bid for the 25th so I would know how much to spend.

    “The two probably shouldn’t be mixed, which was my idea with the auction, to look upon the bids as contributions.”

    The part where the bids would remain secret until the day the auction finished appeared a bit dubious to me. Not saying that I don’t trust you, but as an outsider and potential bidder I can see how it might appear suspicious not do it transparently. I still think an auction is a good idea, because it doesn’t ruin the attraction of the item and might lend you some extra cash compared to “first come, first served.”

    Utilizing the breath of your followers for contributions might be a good idea also – ie giving every visitor the chance to contribute little even without buying.

  2. I came in 5th 😉 … I’m sorry the auction didn’t work out as planned, Karl. As for any future projects, you can start a campaign at Kickstart or Indiegogo, right? We’ll be looking forward to it. I wish you the best, good luck.

  3. Sorry to hear that only 12 were interested. But most people who could have been interested probably didn’t know about the auction. The people who read your blog already have all issues I guess. ^.^

    And don’t be sad. :< Destroyer was a super great project.

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