Advent Calendar 24 December: Weberwiese

Junge mit Ente, boy sculpture by unknown artist, Berlin Weberwiese. Photo by KA.

Junge mit Ente, boy sculpture by unknown artist, Berlin Weberwiese. Photo by KA.

Junge mit Ente, boy sculpture by unknown artist, Berlin Weberwiese. Photo by KA.

kalendersiffran24“Junge mit Ente” (Boy with duck), by unkown artist, erected at unknown date, though somewhere in the postwar East German period. It’s amazing that there is no information about artist or erection date for such a remarkable piece as this one.

This is one of the most beautiful boy sculptures in Berlin, and as you can see, he is popular among graffiti artists as well. His body has been fully cleaned since I took these photos, but judging from other sources on the net, painters have been at it again, especially at the boy’s penis. 

This post ends Destroyer’s Advent Calendar for 2012.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this parade of Berlin boy sculptures. Which one was your favorite?

I sure enjoyed to photograph them. For a time it was a very entertaining hobby, going with my bike to various parts of Berlin where I hadn’t been before, looking for sculptures that I often only had a description of, no photo. Sometimes likeminded friends were joining me. Let me tell you, it’s a great way to spend time together, like going on a treasure hunt, equipped with lists and maps. The excitement of searching. The thrill of finding. Almost a boyish pastime.

With that I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I know many readers of this blog don’t have traditional families to spend the evening with. Hopefully this blog, though a bit scarce of comments, can remind you that you’re not alone.

4 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 24 December: Weberwiese

  1. My favourite was Dec 18, “Knabe mit Tintenfisch.” By the photo it looks like it has become one with its surroundings. I like that. (I also like Dec 22 and 24, but this one is nicer.)

    I guess it’s too late to say merry Christmas, so happy new year instead!

  2. Thanks for all the pictures, and happy trettondedag jul. : >

    I liked “Knabenakt” by Senta Baldamus (Dec 22) and “Knabe” by Maximilian Klinge (Dec 23) but as winner I’d say either “Kapitolinischer Amor” by Heinrich Hopfgarten (Dec 10) or the last one, “Junge mit Ente” by an unknown artist. Eros stringing the bow is a beautiful and by definition an erotic classic, but this is not the original and there is something about “Junge mit Ente” that is just sexy… I can’t choose.

    aljoshkas favourite was not bad either.

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