Advent Calendar 13 December: Marzahn

Boy sculpture in Marzahn, Skulptur von Knabe. Photo by Karl Andersson.

An untitled (?) sculpture of a young boy by Hans-Peter Goettsche.

Date of erection unknown, but it should be the post-war period (East Berlin).

It can’t be seen on this picture, but this bronze sculpture is placed in a fountain; in the summer it’s sprinkled by water from above. It is located in Clara-Zetkin-Park, east of Borkheider Straße, in Berlin suburb Marzahn.

3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 13 December: Marzahn

  1. ~The shame of the graffiti defilement behind him but it appears as if they
    left him be in peace awaiting the summer rains….
    Once again kudos to Germany for not bowing under pressure to the moral
    conservative right groups who advocate lets cloak all….

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