Make a prisoner happy by writing an email

Remember Chuck? He’s an American boylover – a proud one at that – who’s been in prison for 17 years for consensual sex with two teenage boys. (They defended him in interrogations, but to no prevail.) Read Chuck’s story here.

Chuck wants to thank you for the emails he has received since our first post about him. Four people wrote to him, and he has stayed in touch with two of them.

Receiving letters from the outside when you’re in prison long-time probably means a lot. This is a reminder that you too can write to Chuck. Today he wrote me:

Write to a boylover in prison

Make Chuck’s winter a bit less lonely by writing him:

(Chuck’s friend on the outside will print your email and send it on paper to the prison.)

Chuck is not only a hero for having refused to plead guilty (that’s why he got so many years). He’s also family. He could be you or me. But he’s the one sitting year after year in an American prison. In a way, he’s sitting there for all of us.

It’s getting closer to Christmas now. Do what you can to light up that period in a fellow boylover’s life, and take the chance to get an interesting penpal at the same time.

One thought on “Make a prisoner happy by writing an email

  1. I’m really sorry about Chuck 🙁

    If these teenage boys were consentants, WHY he’s in prison ?!

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