More Boy Scout “Perversion Files”

Boy Scouts illustration by Pierre Joubert

I’ve written an important text at Breaking Boy News, about the content of the “Perversion Files” that the Boy Scouts of America released last Thursday.

One of my points is that there is a thin line between the gays that everyone loves – and that the Boy Scouts newly were criticized for not letting in – and the so called child molesters that the Boy Scouts now are criticized of actually having let in. Is for example the 18-year-old Scout leader who was suspended from the Scouts in 1993 for having had sex with a 16-year-old “child” really a child molester, or is he in fact just a gay man?

The public may have easier to judge the three examples below, but they are still very much in the gray zone.

Richard H Williams was 21 years old in 1985, when he was arrested for having had sex with a 13-year-old:

Robert W. Wilber was 32 years old in 1963, when he confessed to “undecent acts” with two boys, 14 and 15 – something that is not a crime today in Europe’s biggest country Germany:

Frank Zahn was 24 years old in 1967, when he was accused of having had sex with a 12-year-old over a period of half a year:

Read the full Special Report here!

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