Google kills another gay blog

In their crusade against gay bloggers, the homophobes at Google just killed Filipino Bagets, a cute blog run by a gay man who posted innocent and fun photos (note: only photos he took himself) of his fabulous young friends in Manila. He writes:

I never posted anything sexual, no nudity, I didn’t allow sexual comments, but it wasn’t enough. I think if you have a site that posted (non-celebrity) boys in ski-jackets/parkas it would still get killed by Blogger. It’s so sad that it lasted so long and got killed with no notice. Not even an email to be saying what terms I violated.

The news unfortunately don’t come as a surprise. Filipino Bagets was an exception to our rule of not including Google (Blogspot) blogs in our blogroll, since they always get deleted after a while.

You can still visit Filipino Bagets at Tumblr.

2 thoughts on “Google kills another gay blog

  1. As a blog surfer, I appreciate the integrity and clear thinking that you put into fillipinobagets blog. Your commitment to clean, yet sexy Asian youth, speaks volumes about your character. I also want to acknowledge your Intelligence in making sure that there was another viable option to view the fine young men. In closing, thank you very much for spending so much of your time and energy to ensure that those of us who do not have the ability to travel to Asian Countries, are able to have some clean, honest viewing pleasure.. God Speed..

    John Beach

    1. Thanks for your kind words, John. I did really try hard keep the blog clean while still trying to show the reality of teenage boys’ lives in the Philippines. I spent a lot of time curating my pictures and making posts, but it really was a labor of love. Filipino boys have such a special spirit that I just can’t stop myself from sharing that magic with others who would appreciate it.

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