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Chuck had consensual sex with two teenage boys; he jerked off each of them twice. These actions ended up in court. Chuck was recommended to plead guilty – a way to “make a deal” with justice to get a possibly lower sentence.

But Chuck didn’t want to plead guilty, because he didn’t think he had committed a sexual offense. The boys were on his side – they defended him in police interrogations and confirmed that the sex had been consensual. But that didn’t matter.

Chuck’s integrity led the court to give him a severe punishment: He received 20 years prison for each offense. 4 handjobs x 20 = 80 years in prison. As of today, Chuck has served 17 of them.

You can write to Chuck!

He wants penpals, and has approved me publishing this post about him. Through the help of a friend on the outside, he can receive and send e-mails (they are being printed/scanned and forwarded).

Write Chuck at chuck@as-nature-intended.org.

Write in English. Keep in mind that everything you write is read by the prison management. That said, you can write about almost anything – take the cue from Chuck, who is very open about his situation and feelings.

His friend has also helped him maintain a website called as-nature-intended.org.

Chuck is a hero for standing up against an insane justice like this. He’s serving 80 years in prison for what in Sweden would have resulted in a fine (at the most), and in Germany – Europe’s biggest nation – would not even have been a crime. I think he deserves our respect and admiration – and e-mails.

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