Gay Man’s Worst Friend now available as eBook

It’s springtime and we’ve just let out the long-legged calves at in the lush (well…) outdoors. In other words, vacation. This means:

No mail order will ship from 18 March to 5 April 2012.

(You can still place an order, but it won’t ship until 6 April 2012.)

As always, downloads are available immediately upon payment. And we just added another download to the shop:

As of today, you can buy Gay Man’s Worst Friend – the Story of Destroyer Magazine as an eBook!

Choose PDF version or EPUB version (or print of course).

Best of all, the eBook is only 6.99 euro (9.20 US dollars as of today’s rate).

Enjoy! 🙂

One thought on “Gay Man’s Worst Friend now available as eBook

  1. As a gay teenage boy, it infuriates me that Destroyer was the subject of condemnation by LGBT organizations worldwide.

    We gay teenagers exist, we are apart of the LGBT sub-culture, yet when the topic of sexuality comes up in regards to young gay boys, it is condemned.

    Karl Andersson did nothing more than face reality and actually gave us a stage to be seen on. I commend him for not giving into the low blows and Fascist responses from these organizations.

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