Destroyer 03 – PDF version for download

You’ve waited waaaaay too long for the release of the download version of Destroyer 03. The early issues of Destroyer demand a lot of manual work before they can be transformed into the sleek pdf files that you enjoy on your iPad, Android device, or computer screen.

But now it’s finally here!

The price is the same as for all other pdf files at Ilovemags: Half the price compared to the print magazine (with the option to boost the resolution for a proportional extra charge).

Content highlights:

  • Degenerate Art – interview with Russian art collector Rinrin.
  • Rare Gems. The 10 best out of print boy photo books.
  • Spanish film director Ivan Noel about his new coming-of-age film.
  • Interview with Swedish artist Ajohan Lahti.
  • Reviews of books by John Henry Mackay and Kief Hillsbery.
  • Column by Swedish author Unni Drougge.
  • And 8 full pages featuring our cover boy Tong!

Some preview spreads from Destroyer 03:

Buy the full pdf version for 4.99 euro (6.55 USD as of today’s rate) at!

See all available Destroyer PDF’s here!

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