Advent Calendar 22nd December 2011: Modern heretics

Following the story of his imprisonment, Michael Davidson gives some examples on how media and public figures describe sex with youth as worse than murder. These examples are from “today”, meaning 1962 when the book was written. Davidson cites one judge saying:

The man who kills does no more than shorten a human life. But a man who corrupts a young lad or girl destroys one – and that is worse.

He compares this with the Spanish Inquisitors, who argued that “a murderer only murdered people’s bodies whereas a heretic murdered their souls.” Thus proving that there’s a religious aspect in the so called protection of youth. Davidson comments (page 171 in The World, the Flesh and Myself):

It seems likely that remarks like this are prompted more by hatred and fear of heresy than by a heart sorrowing for the countless innocent souls waiting to be corrupted.

One understands that the first paragraph of the book is well-founded. It goes:

This is the life-history of a lover of boys. It’s a first-hand report, therefore, on that heresy which, in England especially, is reprobated above all others.

Today, 50 years after Davidson wrote his autobiography, that is truer than ever.

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