Advent Calendar 9th December 2011: Prostitution

Michael Davidson on prostitution (The World, the Flesh and Myself, page 90):

Because, I suppose, my sexual objective has never been primarily physical gratification, I’ve never liked ‘prostitutes’ – people, I mean, for whom the primary objective is payment. Of course, every sexual transaction contains an element of ‘prostitution’; a girl expects a present or a seat at the pictures; a bride – even at St Margaret’s – wants position or security; a young man, from his patron, male or female, hopes for a new suit; a boy needs cigarette-money or a new inner-tube for his bicycle.

‘Love’, whatever its form, requires a tit-for-tat – it’s a kind of natural law.

But for sexual pleasure, for emotional happiness, the ‘love’ must come first, the honararium second in the scale of preference. No fortuitous ‘pick-up’ could ever attract me unless genuine sexual interest were his first motive – or unless there were a touching need of ‘mothering’; the frequent combination of both hankerings in the farouche boys of Berlin was one of that city’s enthralling features in 1930-33.

As we will see later on in this advent calendar!

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