Germans, please revolt against GEMA!

You must be very hard to censor a video like this:

You can watch this video of a gay teen telling about his suicide attempts anywhere in the world. Except in Germany. Because “GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights” to the song in the background. Seriously, what kind of organisation is this?

What Germans see.

Youtube is probably the most revolutionizing aspect of the Internet in recent years. It gives everyone and teenage boys in particular a way to reach an audience of millions without contacting traditional media. Except in Germany.

What 1,734,032 viewers outside Germany see. Notice that these 1,734,032 viewers also get a “buy”-link to iTunes.

Sure, I can see that GEMA doesn’t like people using songs whose rights they (claim to) have. But things have gone totally out of proportions. Bureaucracy has put a lid on the most important aspect of the internet: Freedom of speech.

Dear fellow people in Germany – please revolt against GEMA! Don’t let GEMA censor free speech!

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2 thoughts on “Germans, please revolt against GEMA!

  1. I am APPALLED at this poor young man’s situation! Please pass on to him I am in my 50s and grew up gay in western Scotland in a time when it was very dangerous and even potentially lethal – LITERALLY – to be exposed as gay! At this young man’s age, I was beaten up, spat on, ostracized and reviled, which lasted the next three years in high school! But here I am, with a hugely successful career and friends who would give their lives for me, and vice versa. I don’t give a DAMN for those who don’t give a damn for me, and the opinions of the ignorant, the stupid and the cruel, tiny-minded bigots are entirely unimportant! One last point – they one who really beat me up as a teenager, the hardest mother in school, is now a lowlife HIV-infected junkie who probably has little time left to live! Karma, natural justice, call it what you like, but it seems rather fitting to me! The bad times last eternity while you’re going through them, but it is really only a short time in truth. Get through it – and life gets GOOD!

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